Ultimate Football

ALD_-_2013_-_UF_game What I refer to as the “Neighborhood game,” Ultimate football was started by my friend Aaron Davis, who began playing it during his tour of Iraq for the United States Army. What started out as a game between neighbors and friends now has players from all over Contra Costa County, and now has a chapter in North Carolina! Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_2-23-14_488 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_3-3-13_117 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_3-28-10_(4) Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_5-4-14_421 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_5-11-14_354 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_5-24-14_100 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_5-29-14_294 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_6-8-14_073 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_7-20-14_078 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_11-24-13_184 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_11-25-11_254 Ultimate_Football_Wanut_Creek_5-22-11_8 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_8-13-14_tourney_266-2 Ultimate_Football_Walnut_Creek_8-13-14_tourney_290-2If you are interested in playing Ultimate Football, please contact Aaron Davis at adavis35@hotmail.com


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